Map When visiting Cusco many are astonished, others are excited to see so many things associated but at the same time different, in a town as small as Cusco, with a culture not very advanced in so many things, but unique in the history of mankind. You will see in this package the most essential, most interesting and important of our ancient culture.

  • • Qoricancha museum
  • • Sacsayhuaman Temple
  • • Qenqo
  • • Pucapucara
  • • Tambomachay



  • Duration: 1/2 days & - nights
  • Countries: (1) south central Peru
  • Experiences: Easy
  • Ages: 8 - 65
  • Starting Point: Cusco
  • Ending Point: Cusco

One of the most interesting packages in Cusco is the circuit of archaeological sites of Sacsayhuaman with its architectural magnificence, Qenqo with Inca cosmogony, Puca Pucara, a political control center, Tambomachay with its Water Temple. All together make Cusco an unforgettable adventure and for many still enigmatic and unique in the world.


We will start the package at 2:00 pm and head to the Qoricancha museum, which was the most important temple of the Inca empire. According to archaeologists, there were more than 1,000 priests and assistants; within its walls, the religious ceremonies were constant and the offerings to the deities and the mallquis (mummies of the ancestors) of the Incas were made every day. Then we will visit the oldest archaeological site in Cusco, Sacsayhuaman, which consists of imposing megalithic structures perfectly aligned. It is said that it required more than 10,000 workers and 50 years for its construction. The origin of the temple of Sacsayhuaman is still unknown today but its construction is attributed to the Inca Pachacutec (in the Inca language Pachacutec means the one that transforms the world), the ruler traditionally recognized as founder of the empire.

Continuing with our adventure we will go to Qenqo, which means labyrinth or zigzag, another archaeological center of intense spiritual energy that was part of the Inca empire. Located about 10 minutes from Qenqo is Puca Pucara, Quechua name meaning red, for the color of the land where it is on. It was one of the tampus (places where the Inca messengers -chaskis- stopped to rest, to change clothes and to feed), more important and at the same time it was the checkpoint towards the Collasuyo (southern region of the empire of the Incas). We will finish our tour with Tambomachay, a temple dedicated to the water deity and one of the resting abodes of the Inca Pachacutec. After these visits, we will be back in Cusco city at approximately 7:00 pm, which will finish the package. This is undoubtedly an ideal excursion for those who want an unforgettable vacation in the Peruvian Andes!.

  • Night in Hotel: CUSCO B & B | RUMI PUNKU hotel 3 *** | FAMILY APARTMENT
  • Included: Professional guide | Partial tourist ticket | Tourist transportation | Entrance ticket to the Qoricancha

EXTRA ACTIVITY: In the morning you will have time to visit churches and museums.



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