Map The Tambopata reserve has the necessary requirements to receive foreign and national tourists every day of the year, thus having a large influx of visitors from all over the world; the purpose of ecological tourism is to generate sustainable development for the benefit of the Peruvian population and our natural, cultural and ecological heritage, protecting the indigenous communities from the different jungle ethnicities.

  • • Cocha Caiman
  • • Isla de los Monos
  • • Puerto Maldonado



  • Duration: 3 days & 2 nights
  • Countries: (1) south central Peru
  • Experiences: Easy
  • Ages: 8 - 65
  • Starting Point: Cusco
  • Ending Point: Cusco

To enjoy the biodiversity of the Tambopata jungle you must travel from Cusco in a 45-minute flight or by bus 10 hours at night and start the longed-for package in the jungle plain. Tambopata, a 3-day package gives you enough time to hike and to navigate the lakes where you can observe the wild animals in full activity, and knowing nature, the virgin forest that gives life to the whole world. After a satisfactory tour, you should go to your next destination.


Upon arrival in Puerto Maldonado, the Biodiversity Capital of Peru, we will meet you at the airport or at the bus station. Then we will start our package with a bus tour around the city. Afterwards we go to Puerto Capitanía, to board a motorized boat, and sail on the Bajo Madre de Dios river; during the package, we will immerse ourselves in a fascinating natural environment, whereyu can observe alligators, turtles, herons and cormorants (typical birds of the jungle) and other animal species.

Upon arrival at the hostel, you will be welcomed with a delicious nectar of Amazonian fruits, and taken to your comfortable typical style room; a tasty lunch awaits you in our cozy restaurant of jungle design. Once satisfied, you will be led by our professional guide through a natural road conveniently signalized towards Cocha Caiman, a small lagoon with abundant presence of black and white alligators.

At the end of the afternoon, you will witness the spectacular sunset in the Amazon, an experience full of color in ranges and intensities of wonderful beauty.

Upon returning to the hostel, a delicious dinner will be waiting for you, and you will have free time to share unforgettable moments in our bar, equipped with an excellent table games room and provided with all the drinks you could wish for.

  • Night in Accommodation (Wooden House)
  • Included: Professional guide | Entrance ticket to the Tambopata Reserve | River transportation | Driver and crew | Guided hike | Boots | Mineral water | Breakfast, lunch and dinner | Accommodation in lodging

EXTRA ACTIVITY: No time is available.

The adventure begins with the birdsinging in the Amazonian paradise and also with the singing of the howler monkey. A succulent breakfast will provide you the energy you need for a morning full of new experiences. Afterwards, we will hike to the depths of the forest, on natural trails, with bridges to cross the ravines and rivers. During the hike we will see the flood forest and a huge variety of flora and fauna, and continuing, arrive at the majestic Apu Victor Lake, of crystalline waters and surrounded by immense swamps and giant trees.

Afterwards, we will ascend to the Amazonian Gazer, from where we will enjoy a panoramic view of the lake, observing parrots, macaws, toucans, and typical birds of the region such as camungos, shanshos and herons as well as other animals like alligators, and finally find the giant otter, one of the most spectacular animals in the jungle.

Back at the lodging, a restful lunch will be waiting for us.

In the afternoon, accompanied by our professional guide, we will visit the Isla de los Monos (Monkeys Island), a unique place in the heart of the Madre de Dios river, five minutes away from the hostel. During the adventure trek, we will see extraordinary landscapes, with an exuberant flora, sheltering also a fauna with many species of monkeys in their natural habitat, such as the maquisapa, capuchino, leoncillo, friar and also other animal species, like the coati and lazy bears, as well as a great variety of birds.

Finally, we will complete our tour to the Monkeys Island enjoying the sunset, the most impressive of the jungle. Then we will return to the lodging and finish the day with a nice dinner.

  • Night in Accomodatio (Wooden House)
  • Included:Professional guide | River Transportation | Driver and crew | Guided hike | Boots | Mineral water | Breakfast, lunch and dinner | Accommodation in lodging

EXTRA ACTIVITY: No time is available

After a restful night, the restaurant will wait for breakfast before heading back to Puerto Maldonado, our final destination; during the journey you can continue to appreciate the wonderful beauty of the Peruvian jungle.

  • Night in Accomodation (Wooden House)
  • Included: Professional guide | River transportation | Driver and crew | Guided hike | Boots | Mineral water | Breakfast, lunch and dinner | Accommodation in lodging



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